Algorithms for Chronic Disease prevention & management

We take the pain out of deciphering guidelines and ensure you're always up to date

Assess, stratify risk and generate evidence based care pathway for common chronic diseases.
  • Collect data your way

    Collect data with the tools you are most familiar with. We are building integrations for common platforms like openMRS

  • Process in the cloud

    Securely share de-identified data using your custom end-point and API KEY. Receive back evidence based outputs

  • Deliver better care

    Build out care pathways for your context. Create your own risk calculators. See the demo page for inspiration (coming soon)

Focus on patient care

Always up to date so you can spend more on patient care

With our current WHO Hearts algorithm, you can more easily perform CVD risk, diabetes, hypertension assessment and unlock evidence based recommendations. And when the guidelines change (which they will), we change them for you so you are always up to date

How it works

Add customised evidence based decision support in minutes

Publish your own algorithms

Through our platform you will be able to:

  • Set up a custom end-point based on your region (for WHO/ISH) or specific risk formula (e.g. Framingham)
  • Tailor output content to your context and language
  • Pre-define management pathways including recommended first line medications
  • Run your own validation to ensure the highest confidence
  • Access real-time analytics

It's as easy as signing up for an API key.

Coming soon

WHO Hearts Assessment (demo)

3 steps to comprehensive Health Assessment including calculating WHO/ISH CVD Risk (without those pesky charts)

  • Call the hearts API sending json data (see request)
  • On success, the response will be returned (See response)
  • Unpack and use how-ever you please

  ALGORITHM_ID: '5a39490dc3f2f',
  data: {
    request: {
      api_key: '4325872943oeqitrqet7',
      api_secret: '3459823jfweureitu',
      country_code: 'D',
      response_type: 'COMPLETE'
    body: {
      last_assessment: {
        assessment_date: '',
        cvd_risk: '20'
      demographics: {
        gender: 'F',
        age: 50,
        dob: ['computed', '01/10/1987'],
        occupation: 'office_worker',
        monthly_income: ''
      measurements: {
        height: [1.5, 'm'],
        weight: [70, 'kg'],
        waist: [99, 'cm'],
        hip: [104, 'cm'],
        sbp: [145, 'sitting'],
        dbp: [91, 'sitting']
      smoking: {
        current: 0,
        ex_smoker: 1,
        quit_within_year: 0
      physical_activity: '120',
      diet_history: {
        fruit: 1,
        veg: 6,
        rice: 2,
        oil: 'olive'
      medical_history: {
        conditions: ['asthma', 'tuberculosis']
      allergies: {},
      medications: ['bronchodilator'],
      family_history: ['cvd'],
      pathology: {
        bsl: {
          type: 'random',
          units: 'mg/dl',
          value: 180
        cholesterol: {
          type: 'fasting',
          units: 'mg/dl',
          total_chol: 320,
          hdl: 100,
          ldl: 240

  cvd_assessment: {
    high_risk_condition: {
      status: 'False',
      reason: 'None',
      code: ''
    cvd_risk_result: {
      risk_score: 40,
      risk_range: '30-40',
      guidelines: {
        score: '30-40%',
        label: 'Medium',
        advice: ['lifestyle', 'blood-pressure', 'lipids'],
        bp_target: '130/80',
        follow_up_interval: '3',
          'Follow-up every 3 months, if there is no reduction in cardiovascular risk after six months of follow up refer to next level',
        management: {
            'Lifestyle modification is an important component of disease management. Focus on healthy diet and regula rexercise. Discuss risk factors',
            'Consider starting treatment for high blood pressure. Speak to your doctor',
            'Based on your assessment, a statin or other lipid lowering medication will help to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Speak to a doctor'
    diabetes: {
      value: 5,
      status: 'False',
      code: 'DM-1',
      risk_algorithm: 'CGHR',
      risk_score: 15,
      output: [
        'High Diabetes Risk',
        'Your diabetes risk is high. Please follow up'
    blood_pressure: {
      bp: '161/91',
      code: 'BP-2',
      target: '140/90',
      output: [
        'Significantly Elevated BP',
        'At this level you need a review with a doctor'
    lifestyle: {
      bmi: {
        value: 26.67,
        code: 'BMI-2',
        target: '18.5 - 24.9',
        output: [
          'Weight above the healthy range',
          'Being overweight can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes'
      whr: {
        value: 0.95,
        code: 'WHR-2',
        target: 0.9,
        output: [
          'Abnormal waist hip ratio for male',
          'Your wait hip ratio is above the target for males'
      diet: {
        values: {
          fruit: 1,
          vegetables: 6
        code: 'NUT-2'
      exercise: {
        value: '120',
        code: 'PA-2',
        target: '150 minutes'
      smoking: {
        code: 'SM-1',
        status: 'True',
        smoking_calc: 'True',
        output: [
          'Current smoker, advise to quit',
          'You will benefit from smoking cessation. For advice'

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